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A new retraining structure accredited by Au-Delà des Pistes: Haras de Boscherville

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Find out more
16 Oct. 2017

The Haras de Boscherville, specializing in the sale of horse ball horses, has just received accreditation from Au-Delà Des Pistes. This structure established in the Eure, 1 hour from Deauville, was founded 5 years ago by Gildas Mabilais, Horse-Ball player at Pro Elite level.

More than 120 horses have already passed through its infrastructures and have all been directed towards the Horse-Ball, discipline in which the ex-racehorses are particularly coveted. The professional explained: "The Thoroughbred is THE horse most adapted to the Horse-Ball. They have the responsiveness and tonicity required for this sport. In addition, Thoroughbreds love and get used to group play very quickly. We are looking for horses aged at least 4 or 5 years because horses are not allowed to take part in competitions before the age of 5 years. Short and stocky horses are often more popular, but we do not have a special model for the Horse Ball as it also depends on the rider's morphology. " 

A good illustration of this was the final stage of the French Professional Horseball Championships, held in March last year, with Au-Delà des Pistes as one of the official partners, where no fewer than 99 ex-racehorses were represented in the competing teams, from a total of 102 horses overall!

Spread over 7 hectares, the Haras de Boscherville has a capacity of 7 horses. After a short period of rest, the retrained racers are then gradually prepared daily for their new discipline, a process that spans 1 to 3 months. Haras de Boscherville has already been entrusted with horses by Aliette Forien, of Haras de Montaigu and also President of Au-Delà des Pistes, including GENERALISSIME, who was taken on by Gildas last year and has rapidly risen in the ranks of his new discipline.  

In its desire to promote and facilitate the retraining of the ex-racehorses, the French Charity Au-Delà Des Pistes ensures the daily development of a quality network in France of reception facilities, in which equine welfare is the master word. To be accredited by the association, each organization must complete an application file, provide letters of reference and a visit during which the teams of Au-Delà Des Pistes ensure that the infrastructures, food and care are in accordance with the statements of the Equine Welfare Charter.

All the accredited structures appear in a directory accessible on the association's website and are invited to the various events organized by ADDP such as the Retraining Racehorses Days. This visibility allows them to make themselves known in order to increase their outlets, and offers racing professionals a range of reliable options for the care of their retrained horses.

All information on the Haras de Boscherville can be found in the Au-Delà Des Pistes directory on the website of the association, in the section "Retraining".

More on Au-Delà des Pistes:

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