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Thoroughbred Breeders' association donates 1/1000th of premiums received by members to Au-Delà Des Pistes

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03 Oct. 2018

As a major player in the racing industry and aware of the importance of taking care of thoroughbreds at the end of their racing careers, the Federation des Eleveurs du Galop (Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association) has shown their support for Au-Dela Des Pistes. This is in the form of an annual donation corresponding to 1/1000th of the premiums received by the members of the Federation, i.e. a rounded up amount of €9,000 for 2018.

This sum will be used by the charity, that is dedicated to the care of retired racehorses, for those that following an injury require convalescence and therefore incur further costs before the retraining process can begin.

From now on, when a structure accredited by Au-Dela Des Pistes agrees to take in an injured horse, the association will pay it an amount of €300 to cover part of the costs generated by the period of care and rest that it requires. This should greatly facilitate the placement of these horses, whose owners are generally in a hurry to move them on. To be eligible for this assistance, the transferring owner will be asked to join Au-Dela Des Pistes.

The President of the Federation des Eleveurs du Galop, Loic Malivet said, "The Federation des Eleveurs du Galop is proud to contribute to the financing of the retraining of racehorses by paying on behalf of its members the equivalent of 1/1000th of the premiums they receive in one year. Breeders are involved at the beginning of the racehorse life cycle and are aware of the need to consider their future after their career, including for horses that are not destined to return to the breeding cycle. The well-being of the horses that provide us with a living, of which conversion or retirement is an essential component, must be at the centre of the attention of all those involved in the sector. Let us hope that other associations and professional unions of racing stakeholders will follow the solidarity and responsible path that we are charting."

Au-Dela Des Pistes charity would like to thank the Federation des Eleveurs du Galop for its support and commitment to the well-being of race horses.

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Twitter: @audeladespistes
Project Manager: Marine Thevenet - Tel: +33 6 79 59 97 49